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McLennan Sound Monitoring, Inc. Manufactures quality commercial Sound Level Monitors
Our current customers have remarkably varied applications ranging from Health Care,
Noise Pollution Problems, Hearing Conservation Programs, Entertainment Sound Level
Monitoring, to the Noise Levels in commercial process control. McLennan Sound Monitoring, Inc.
is pleased to provide individual solutions for the majority of noise problems and noisy
environments where noise control is needed. We would like to provide you with
instruments which will help you monitor sound and noise levels for your specific needs.

Sound Level Monitor, Noise Control Instrument

     McLennan Sound Monitoring, Inc. precisely constructs Sound Level Monitors for long term, reliable service. At a glance both of our highly visible displays (digital and light bar) show the current ambient sound level. Our products are developed for continuous sound level monitoring so you can see how loud the sound level is; rather than just knowing an area is too loud. With this information you can determine if additional actions need to be taken.

     Unlike portable sound level meters which are made for occasional, momentary sound level checks; our instruments are intended to be mounted in a permanent location allowing the true variety of sound levels to be made public. The 4-20 mA current option operates a variety of PLCs, controllers, data logging or recorders. Our duo-alarm option allows you to set each alarm to a specific critical sound level for their particular requirement.

     When you contact us, we will request answers to a variety of questions so we can provide you with the proper solution for your specific sound monitoring needs.


Will the unit be used indoors or outside? Will the unit be exposed to moisture?

Will the unit be exposed to chemical vapors or other hazardous environments? These factors help us understand which sound sensor you will need.

What is the desired sound level to be monitored?

Are you planning on using a PLC, controller, data logger or a recorder?

Do you require any alarm sets?

Will you want a remote sound sensor, or would you rather mount the entire unit in alignment with the sound source?

All of these questions help us determine the cost and configuration of your individual unit.

Acoustics is a complicated science, we are here to help. If you are not sure of your specific needs, please contact use and we would be happy to help you determine what your needs may be. We believe noise control, public awareness, and education are keys to a healthier life style.

Adjustable brightness LED bar graph.
Large LED numeric display.
Laser cut, 16 gauge metal chassis, powder-coat painted.
Accurate, true RMS detection technology.
Specific range modifications available.
Adjustable 4-20 mA current output option, for recording or control applications.
Adjustable alarm options.
Calibration referenced to NIST traceable source.
Water, corrosion, and shock resistant omni-directional electret sound sensor.
Remote or Local Sound Sensor option.
Easy to calibrate.
Powered from either AC or DC low voltage source.

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